How the way we look affects our confidence

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People lack self-confidence for a variety of reasons. They might have been bullied, they might suffer from a disability or they might never have been praised enough when growing up. Whatever the cause, a lack of self-confidence can lead to some problems at work and in your ability to socialize.

looks affect confidence

Appearance isn’t everything

It’s important to recognise that intelligence, sensitivity and kindness are just as important as a smart physical appearance. Unfortunately we live in a society that is driven by exterior appearance and this can lead to problems of lack of confidence for some. Despite years of campaigning those who need to wear a hearing aid, or use a wheelchair are still embarrassed as a result of their problems. According to the charity Scope 30% of Britons feel awkward talking to the disabled. For deaf people, the situation is improving; hearing aids are more discreet and efficient, and it’s easy to find out where to go for more information about these advances.


Photoshop can’t airbrush real life

Society is used to false images. The BBC published an article last year that showed photographs of an attractive young woman before and after her image had been airbrushed. If more people realised that the glamorous photographs of models that they see are largely artificial, then they may be more satisfied with their own appearance. Culture can be hypercritical and it’s hard to always feel self-confident against this background.


The disabled can be affected by lack of self-confidence

According to the Office of Disability Issues 11 million people in the UK have some kind of disability or impairment. Not all of these will have self-confidence problems but for those who do, coping with their problem can lead to real hardship. Sadly, the problem is universal. For example, a young man in the USA, Austin Chapman, didn’t want to use one of the old style hearing aids, as he felt it would affect the way he was treated by others and draw attention to his hearing loss, consequently he had huge problems communicating with others. It was only the introduction of more discreet aids that made him change his mind and have one fitted.


Guidelines for promoting self confidence

If you know someone who suffers from low self-esteem, praise their attributes and emphasise their qualities to improve confidence. Buy clothes that will flatter you, you’ll always leave your house safe in the knowledge that you’ve done your best. If you feel down and depressed, try to dress smartly or in clothes that you know will compliment you, try, drab clothes on the exterior will make you feel drab inside.

Real friends are important

Friends and SistersFacebook and Twitter and other social media have made life hell for some people and it’s a good idea to recognise that you can unsubscribe from these distractions. Be positive in the real world, rather than negative in some virtual form of reality. If you socialise with a group of like-minded friends you’ll soon be able to bolster your self-confidence, and not worry quite so much about what others think of you.

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  • ellen
    June 4, 2014

    Facebook and Twitter gave also been HUGE in a positive way for those who dont have friends in real life for various reasons.