How to Get Something for Nothing

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Everyone likes a freebie. It can be in the form of discount coupons, supermarket coupons, or food vouchers. There are a multitude of fun and frugal ways you can get something for nothing in the UK:


Vouchers and coupons galore!

Magazines regularly offer coupons and vouchers that will let you save a few pounds off your purchase. Most of these coupons are cumulative, allowing you to collect a large quantity of them and get items absolutely free from the accumulated amount. These coupons can also be found in flyers, email adverts, and leaflets. All you need to do is keep your eye out for them and collect. Some websites also offer product samples of consumer items provided you give a short feedback or review after using them.


Swap and trade

Another person’s trash is surely another man’s treasure. There are a lot of websites that offer this very service. You post an unwanted item in your possession and wait for someone to take interest in it. They will then offer something in return for your item. Some people also trade services. For example,free driving lessons for some work done on your plumbing, or free car engine checkups for some carpentry tools. Trades and swaps are so prevalent that there is even a TV show based on it. Some people even make a hobby of trading items from one lowly dresser for some other big-ticket item.


For example, a person can trade a small bike for a bigger one, to a motorcycle, to a vintage car, then to a motorhome, then a small cabin in the woods. If you think about it, you traded a small bike for small cabin in the woods. That’s one BIG leap! Amazingly, there are websites where you can get something for absolutely free provided you pick up the item from their location. Some people want to let go of unwanted items that are just littering their homes. It can be an extra shelf or a pair of shoes, or a ton of old school books.



Surprisingly, there are a lot of other ways that people practice the “get something for nothing” culture. John McGowan, a part-time taxidermist, collects products of roadkill in the country roads. His regular collection includes brown rats, foxes, badgers, and even venison. However, what’s surprising is he does not use it for his taxidermy business. Instead, he eats them. McGowan claims that for the majority of his adult life, he has never bought any meat, instead subsisting on roadkills.


Katharine Hibbert, author of Free: Adventures on the Margins of a Wasteful Society, wrote about her experience of surviving without spending any money, or very little of it. She recalls a two-month period where she only spent 54 pence—10p of which was for photocopying services, and 44p was for a Kit Kat! She recounted how she couch-surfed, hitchhiked, raided trash bins, and slept in uninhabited properties.


The Something for Nothing culture is so widely accepted that it even has a TV show dedicated to people doing exactly that. Perhaps you’d like to try it out yourself!

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