Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market

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Yesterday we went to the Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market. It was small but nice. Portland’s is still my favorite (the one on th PU campus).

So, as I always do, I took my camera with me and these are a few things I found:

I am sure I’ve seen these before but they looked so cool!! The girl at the stand said they taste pretty much like the normal carrots but that they are sweeter. Has anyone tried these before?

This is where fennel comes from!! Hehehe, I did not know that! That’s why I took this photo. I had to!

Now, these two photos…these beans are the most interesting pieces of produce I’ve sen so far…

Now, has anyone tried these?? They look so cool! But the whole ‘Tongue of Fire’ thing makes me not want to try them!

What has been the weirdest vegetable or fruit you have ever seen at a Farmer’s Market?


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