Walk This Way

By Sunday, September 5, 2010 3 , , Permalink 0

After the Farmer’s Market, some frozen yogurt and coffee, we headed out to Grandma’s house for an hour or so. J is so into walking nowadays! He loves it and is enjoying his new freedom!

In the next photo…J was trying to walk to the trashcan in Grandma’s kitchen but I did not let him. I blocked his way so he decided to walk around the kitchen island to get to the other side and play with the trashcan. Oh he thought he was being tricky! So, I went the other way and this is what I saw staring at me:

Isn’t he a cutie!?

He decided he was going to let go and venture into the world the very same day I told him that if we could walk he could go anywhere in the house and that I was still going to hold him whenever he needed it. That day he started walking. *teary eye* My boy is growing up…I guess he is not a baby anymore but a toddler!!

Gee, they do grow up so fast!


I love my camera so much!! It lets me take continuous photos without having to let go of the shutter!! That’s how I made this little photo of J walking from the couch towards me!

Gotta love the arms up in the air!

walk this way, walk this way
walk this way, walk this way
walk this way, walk this way
walk this way, walk this way
just gimme a kiss
like this!”