Things I learned today

By Monday, September 6, 2010 2 , Permalink 0
  • My memory is null sometimes. It might be because I am exhausted!
  • J loves to walk! And he walks with his left side slightly ahead of his right side. Really cute if I may say so.
  • Drinking too much water gives me some sort of heartburn thingy.
  • I seriously need to start writing the ideas that pop into my head…I really had at least 2 other things that I wanted to add to this list.
  • My laptop is close to dieing on me. (Is that the proper spelling?) I’ll have to make a post on how poorly it is holding…this thing is old, 4 years old…
  • I am really tired.
  • Taking a walk helps me calm down and get rid of stress…
  • I really need a haircut! I don’t like my hair right now. But I do promise I wont go all crazy and chop it all down to my shoulders! Been there, done that, and learned my lesson!


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