Holiday Shopping with Coupons

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Our Holiday shopping has been slow…really slow, at least we have been able to use online coupons. I would love to go out shopping but now with Alexander it is hard to since he is not so fond of staying on his stroller for too long…I might have to go finish my shopping this weekend…specially since Tyler’s birthday is on the 15th! Good thing is that he made me a list! (Which I already shared with my family! Hehe!)

Some of our shopping has been made on and finally we received Alexander’s gift!!

He already played with the box and loved it!! The box, that’s it! He did try to get the little red bird though! I’ll have to wrap it with the construction paper that came with it before temptation caves in…like it did with Tyler and that control remote car! 😉

We also bought my dad his gift on but that one will remain a mystery! Hehehe I’m just hoping that it gets here in time!

Now all I need to go get is my mom’s and my brother’s gifts…yikes…I have no clue on what to get for my brother! Ok, maybe just one thing…still not sure.

So, how is your Holiday Shopping doing?

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