Sunday Snow…!

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OMG!! It was so much fun!! And quite a challenge may I add…you know, pushing a stroller on the snow is not as easy as you may think! I pushed and Tyler pulled while Alexander slept away all bundled up and cozy…So here are some photos of our journey:

Little Alexander all bundled up…and let me tell you, he did not like it at all!

But, he looked just adorable!

Ty trying to push the stroller on the snow…

Alexander and mommy walking down the street ’cause the sidewalk was impossible to walk on without getting stuck

Alexander and Daddy….Adorable! Little Bean did not want to be on the stroller on our way back home, he kept arching his back to the point where he almost fell off the stroller and onto the floor. But, as you can see…Alexander won and he got to walk home in daddy’s jacket!

Us, posing for the camera!

Playing with a block of snow (?)

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