Things I learned today

By Sunday, September 12, 2010 6 Permalink 0
  • I love Ty with all my heart. To infinity and beyond. To the moon and back…and I think you get the point
  • Scratch is a softy! Ty played a bit too rough with him which hurt Scratch’s feelings! Poor little guy ended laying down on the floor by the front door and he wouldn’t come whenever Ty called him!
  • J is going to have quite a temper.
  • J hates the words ‘no’ and ‘that’s enough’
  • A keeps falling off the bed but won’t wake up completely! I just put him back in bed!
  • My laptop crashed as in forever and ever more! I am hoping I can get my photos back! And soon…or else…
  • My nose doesn’t hurt anymore.
  • J knows how to stand up all by himself now! Lets hope Ty gets used to raising the crib side now!
  • Being flashed by a, um, flashlight right in the eye ball will give you a headache…thanks boy!
  • Glee premiers on the 21st!! Yeah, yeah!

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