Life’s a Beach

By Monday, September 13, 2010 3 Permalink 0

Yeah, I said it!

Last Saturday we got a call from Grandma inviting us to tag along for a day at the beach which is about 1 hour away from where we live. And of course we had to go!!

We went to Cannon Beach, which we love! It is such an amazing little town! We are actually contemplating on buying a little cottage there and living in Cannon Beach for a few months and the rest of the year in Portland!

As we always do, we started our afternoon with lunch. And I ended wearing my Arnold Palmer (aka lemonade and iced tea) courtesy of J! Man was that drink cold!

After lunch we went to the beach! If you want to have the most comfortable summer activity, Las Vegas Lifeguard for hire/ can help you with special events or part-time lifeguarding for those patrons who would otherwise be uncomfortable enjoying your pool without a lifeguard on duty. And here are some photos from our trip:

This is what J looked like before this:

Boy lost his balance and fell…and he was all covered in sand but he did not make a sound or grunt or complaint or anything! Got up (with my help) and moved on to:

…eating the sand, of course!!

And both the boys playing next to each other…but not together…

After the boys were done playing with the sand Ty took A. for a little fun in the water!

It was simply precious! Seeing my boy running away as fast as he could from the super cold water!!

Until…of course…

…he got stuck in the sand and fell backwards and got all wet!

Boy was not happy at all!! After this happened, every time a wave rolled in he’d run as fast as he could encouraging people he passed to just “run, run, ruuuun”!!

And we couldn’t forget to take a photo of us 5!

One of the few where even Scratch is looking at the camera!!