Things I learned today

By Tuesday, September 14, 2010 3 Permalink 0
  • We don’t have pens in my house! And the ones we do have don’t work anymore!
  • I really need to wash my windows!

  • After a good spinning-on-mommy’s-office-chair session, there’s nothing better than to simply lay down on the floor, on your back, with your eyes closed. Believe me, we tried it and it worked like a charm!
  • Talking of spinning sessions, Scratch joined in the fun today! He jumped on A’s lap as he spun around on the chair! That dog is so freaking hilarious!
  • When in doubt, bake pizza!
  • I am now being referred as Soph by my 2 year old! :S

Soph, Soph! Door, Soph!”

  • I am really tired and should be going to bed, but I have so many things to do since I will be gone for the whole day tomorrow and won’t have a chance to log in! Zzzzzz…
  • Boys’re, indeed, better at fixing things (and by ‘boys’ I meant  ‘A.’)

He even made us of the proper lingo: “DAM-E!”

  • Scratch has a bladder the size of a darn watermelon!