Boon Benders & ModWare -Review

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A few days after I started blogging I heard of BOON. And let me tell you, I really like their products! And to be honest I am pretty sure I’ve seen some of them around but never knew it was theirs.

Ty is all about modern stuff, so he would definitely buy every single product Boon has to offer…if only we had more space…

Boon has the perfect product for every need your baby may have: bathing, eating, playing, on-the-go, seating/furniture, toilet training and storage & organization, though, as we all know, this is more of a parental need and not necessary something a baby will focus on. Actually it’s the contrary, but I digress…

We had the opportunity of reviewing 2 different kind of utensils:



Benders are awesome for the first-time eater, like J who only steals the spoon but dopes nothing with it! What is awesome about the benders is that you can, as the name says, bend the spoon or fork to whatever angle accommodates your baby! you can bend it to the left, the right, up, or down! And it stay there!

The only thing I did not like about it was the color combination of the set we got. when I looked at the photos online I thought it was orange with white and not pale blue. But they also have this really cute hot pink set for girls and a blue/green set too, which I should’ve gotten…oh well, a spoon is a spoon, right?


The ModWare utensils are for the little jumping jack in your life. That little person who is always jumping off the walls. Or maybe your kid is more laid back, I dunno.

A. got to keep these as his own. And he loves them! He goes between the ModWare and grownup utensils. He sometimes uses J’s bender spoon to eat peanut butter! They have no sharp edges which I really love. It always makes me nervous seeing A. eat with a fork, fearing he might stab himself, or the dog.

The spoon is the perfect size for a toddler’s mouth. Tried it with J and it is too wide but we managed. nobody messes with J’s feeding time! Not even the size of a spoon!


The handles are so soft that they could be used as a chewing device for when those pesky teeth are coming out!

The ModWare can also be used as drum sticks for playing music! If your kid is bored while eating, just let him play you some music while you dance your way across the kitchen!

– GET IT –

Visit Boon and find the retail store closest to you!

Disclosure: I received the Benders and ModWare utensils review purposes only. No other compensation was received. The opinions stated are my own and where in no way influenced by Boon.
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