Musing of our daily walks

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WARNING: this is a photographic overload post…

These are some of the things we see during our walks…taken with my iPhone, so sorry for the out-of-focus-blurry photos you are about to see.

I just found this super cool app called ClassicTOY and I love this thing!!

It is so cool…I totally recommend it!! I mean, it is not only awesome but also FREE!! It comes with two lenses, the classic and the double lens (or whatever its name) and there is a package of more lenses you can buy for .99

But I digress…here are some of the things that amuse my mind (and camera):

This is a…light post? OK, Scratch was pulling me that the camera moved as I snapped…but I really like it…

…some odd flower thingies in a neighbors yard…

These 2 boys have places to go!! This photo was taken early in the morning (aka around 7am)…

…taken with the double lens…I love it! Looks like Scratch is squatting…hehe…he probably has a squirrel on sight…

I can’t remember what he was looking at…probably a squirrel…or a truck…

…he is so into trucks and cars and buses!! He had to stop to say “big truck!” gotta love that age!!

The light of the sign Scratch loves to bark at…I just snapped away… I liked the bulb for some odd reason…

…one busy dog doing his business while I snap away…boy does it take this dog around 2 minutes to pee!!
Sorry, I had to!!

“No home”
A. did not wanted to go back home (which he insisted was in the other direction)…

Out of focus but I love it…

When we took this photo…man was that the longest walk ever! A. wanted to go back to see the slug aka bug! We went back like 3 times! Until it started raining and i had to carry him for a bit to get his mind over the slug!
That was the closest he would get to the slug, thankfully he doesn’t want to touch it!! Gross…

And last but not least…

They love to go for walks!

What catches your mind when out on a walk?!

  • Karyn Climans
    September 21, 2010

    Your 1st photo looks like an ultrasound. I was ready for you to announce you were expecting!
    My kids and I used to pick up the worms and slugs … they are actually kind of neat: soft, slimy and squishy.
    I’m here from Bloggy Moms!

    • Sofia
      September 21, 2010

      Slugs are not that cool after you’ve stepped on one barefoot!!
      And no announcements…we are done with having kids…the two we have are more than enough!

  • frompdxwithlove
    September 21, 2010

    [New Post] Musing of our daily walks – via #twitoaster