Grab-a-Scab -Review

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Grab-A-Scab are fun fabric sticker patches than can go practically anywhere! And the awesomest part it that they won’t come off! OK, that is awesome as long as your kid doesn’t decide to stick it on your car window or your favorite piece of furniture!

They are easy to use, no ironing or sewing is required, they are durable and machine washable, we know ironing may not be your favorite, although, if ironing isn’t your favourite task, you can speed things up a little. Steam generator irons can quickly power through mountains of ironing and come in a variety of models to suit any budget.
! And they are so cute!! And they have so many different Scabs that you can collect them.

We had the opportunity to review the Grab-A-Scab and I really like them!! I honestly do not have any torn pants, at least not any belonging to the kids, where I can use them.

We got Scabee and Goop.

Scabee is a wild and friendly monster. no wonder why A loved him so much!! The day we got our Scabs in the mail he instantly grabbed Scabee and growled at him and then took off! They played with A’s cars for a while. A tried to stick Scabbee to as many cars as possible! good thing was that he did not remove the sticky back so Scabee did not ended stuck on my window!

I had a photo of A growling at Scabee but I lost it when my laptop crashed! And right now, Scabee is looking  at me from across my computer desk!

Goop is mine! Hehehe…since A did not care for him and J couldn’t care less about a sticker at his young age I adopted him! He now resides on my water bottle which I always carry around.  And he is so cute with that blue tongue sticking out!

Grab-A-Scab has different collections (with some examples):

Original collection:


Button Collection:

Northern LightsOMG Button

Allergy Scabs:

Allergy BrainfreezeAllergy Cottonball

Safety Scabs:

Safety BoltSafety Bio

Community Scabs:

Community Scab

I would seriously recommend them to all my friends (that means you)! They are cute, durable, easy to use, what else could you ask for! And there is a Scab for any taste…so make sure to go visit Grab-A-Scab and check roam around, fall in love with the scabs and buy some…they’d be a perfect stocking stuffer!!

Disclosure: I received Scabee and Goop for review purposes only. No other form of compensation was received. The opinion stated is my own and was in no way influenced by Grab-A-Scab.