Things I learned today

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  • Do not go on a walk around 7am! Apparently that’s when all the squirrels decide it is breakfast time! And I really need Scratch to do his business and not go hunting for squirrels!!
  • Scratch could pee forever!
  • Squirrels are always found in pairs…at least that’s what I’ve seen.
  • Why is it that when I want to hear a song it never comes on! But when I do not want to hear it it plays over and over and over again!?
  • There ain’t such a thing as baby proof…and I can prove it:

J decided he wanted to go downstairs with mommy…

…this was Ty’s view…

…this was mine!

  • I need to get back to my impulsive photo taking! I am falling short on photos!! Will post-it all over the house as a reminder…MUST. TAKE. PHOTOS!
  • Blue Jays watch way too much HGTV! There is no other explanation to blue jays stealing my boys’ chalk! Ty saw 2 blue jays taking off with pieces of A.’s chalk! Do they really need to redecorate their nests? Could be, maybe all that brown is depressing during winter…
  • But blue jays are not the only chalk thieves around here…Scratch and J are as well!!

  • I’ve never been to Chuck E Cheeses…or whatever it is called! But we are planning on having J’s first birthday party there!! Hope it goes well…
  • We are going to Hawaii in March!! This is so exciting!! Oh the perks of turning 30 (not me, Ty…I am only a quarter of a century old!!)

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