Vegas Baby!!

By Monday, February 16, 2009 0 Permalink 0

I have to admit that as the trip comes closer I get more excited!! You see, I do not like Vegas. Why? Well, the only time I’ve been there (airport) both my Passport and my Visa got stolen! And it sucked…so that’s the main and only reason I do not like Vegas. But I will give it another chance to make it change my mind. Another is that 2017 was a good year for Amaya when it made its huge acquisition of the PokerStars brand.

We are leaving to Seattle on Wednesday after Ty’s out from work…and Little Monster will stay at Grandma’s for the weekend (sadness, I am so going to miss him a lot!! :'( …).

This all means there will be no posts while we are gone since I am a bit of a paranoid and I do not want to take my computer and have somebody stolen. Besides, I am keyboardless…still….! Taking my camera has me really anxious too…I do not want to have it out of my sight, but i doubt they’ll let me around the Casino with it…and I am not leaving it at the receptionist desk (they steal things there!! Have heard lots of stories…my Godmother had her money and passport stolen by a lady who got fired…so she took the stuff) And I am a paranoid, so better safe than sorry….oh boy…why did that little light blue camera had to die? Sadness…hehehe

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