Early Walk Happenings

By Friday, September 24, 2010 2 Permalink 0

Lately I have been taking Scratch on a walk twice a day. Sometimes A. tags along.

This morning was hilarious!! I couldn’t stop laughing! Here is what happened:

  • A. found 3 planes: ‘hear, hear? plane!” and we were on our quest to find them all!!
  • Trucks fascinate him: “Big truck, mommy! Big truck” and then he goes and tries to open the door!
  • He tried to touch every single trash can our on the street (Thursdays are trash day).
  • I hit my hand against a trash can: “you OK? You OK?” but this was not directed at me but at the trash can!! And he said it while patting it! And of course I couldn’t stop laughing!
  • He is usually very friendly and will say hi to everybody that crosses his way. We came across two older guys and he stopped them to tell them about the plane up in the sky!
  • We also saw this couple though, this time he said: “run, mom,run!” This was the first time he ran from someone! They looked kind of grungy though…
  • We were walking by a fence and A. found a tiny whole on the wood: “It broke, mommy! It’s broken!” And he said this for every single whole in the fence! So that added like 10 minutes to our walk.
  • A neighbor walked outside his door and coughed, so, of course, A had to start coughing too!

I love my boy oh so much!!