Back Home!

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OMG!! The trip was amazing!! Las Vegas has officially won me over! There were some down moments…but lets not focus on that. Lets talk about what happened and I’ll post tons of photos!! Thanks Kate for the ones you sent me (my not-mine camera died in the middle of the day)…

The group: Kater & Cale, Steve & Oralie, Tim & Angela, Tyler & me, Jesse & Lindsay.

We had so much fun! At least I did…we walked down the strip, drank, wen to the M&M’s store (which by the way was awesome!) got lost and separated of the group….drank some more…dinners, lunchs, breakfasts…simply AWESOME!! Slots! And Gambling! It went so well that we would spend the little moments before bed window shopping and researching on sites like on our phones, we really wanted to book another trip together, while we were still here. SO glad it all worked out.

I could write a more detail agenda of our weekend, but you’ll probably just get bored. So lets move on to the photos…yei-yeah!!

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