Things I learned today

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  • Kids start from a young age blaming stuff on others! A made a mess and blamed it on J! and it begins…mom J did this…mom A did that…NO IT WASN’T MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Hehehe
  • A. got in trouble and got so mad that he stormed into his room and shut the door behind him while yelling! So funny. I did not laugh , OK only on the inside! I thought this was more of a teenager maneuver!! And not that of a 2 year old!! Do I have a 2 year old going into 16?! OK, I think I felt some gray hairs growing on my head…
  • I still don’t like to fold the laundry and put it away!! But after like 2 weeks I did it!! And now I have another load in the dryer…
  • I always confuse the dryer and the dishwasher…good thing I do not have my washer/dryer in the kitchen like they do in Europe…that could be disastrous!! We would have to buy new dishes every week! That or buy paper plates!!
  • I prefer gum that you can pop. This Eclipse gum is no fun!
  • I must let Glamamom know when my Shatobu giveaway begins!! You can’t miss this one, OK!? (this one is more of a reminder for myself, but oh well!)
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