Conversations with my 2 year old

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Early thismorning both my boys decided it’d be fun to go through mommy’s stuff in her bathroom. And these were our little conversations:

A: What is this?

M: What?

A: (with tampon in hand) This.

M: Oh, that is something you will never have to use so do not worry.”

Not even 5 minutes later:

A: (a different tampon in hand) Mom, what is this?

M: It is a tampon honey.

A: Oh!”

After I was done with my shower and J was downstair with daddy (this was a conversation with a calm tone, really casual):

A: Ouch

M: What happened?

A: I bonked! (showing me his hand)

M: You hit your hand?

A: My hand! I bonked it with this. (pointing at a belt in the bathroom) You see?”

This boy cracks me up!!

On our early walk:

M: A., lets go.

A: I stay

M: No, it is time to go home.

A: (Arms folded on his chest) Nop. I stay. No home!”