ten on tuesday

By Tuesday, September 28, 2010 3 , , Permalink 0

Lets see…10 things:

  • It is supposed to be fall…and it is hot in here!! Some days I really hate not having AC…darn you AC fairy!
  • Look what Ty got me!!

Black Rivet Plaid Newsboy  - Wilsons Leather

I love my new hat! But now that I have a cool and gorgeous hat it gets hot and humid outside! WTF!

  • I think I might have won a Hayneedle.com $25 giftcard!! Look at this:

  • A loves apples now!! He just ate a whole apple (a small one thou) but coming form the super picky eater inmy house this is awesomeness!
  • I have yet to figure out how to install a newsletter sing up on my blog!! HELP!
  • For the sounds of it we will be getting an Audi A4 soon…if all goes well of course…I miss having our own car!
  • J is sticking his fingers in my mouth as I type this sentence with one hand!
  • Oh the things you find when you take a walk around the neighborhood! Take a look at this car!!

  • I’m so EXCITED!! Finally, after 10 months of having J, I fit in my pre A. jeans! I am beyond ecstatic! Now I want to go do some shopping!! I seriously need a pair of jeans that is not broken on the knee or the butt (yeah, one my my MIL’s old chairs broke my jeans…they have a tiny whole on the butt…)
  • And Numero Diez…I am eating chocolate chips and drinking coffee!! Oh so healthy!