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A lot of people travel with their pets, most of them unrestrained. Pets that are free to roam around the car have caused more than 30,000 car accidents. And there is no law for using seat belts for our pets but there is for adults and children. Bergan has partnered with independent laboratories to create a harness that will protect pets.

The Bergan V9DT Harness comes in 4 fully-adjustable sizes:

– Xlarge: for pets 80-150 lbs
– Large: for pets 50-80 lbs
– Medium: for pets 25-50 lbs
– Small: for pets 10-25 lbs

After we adopted Scratch I contacted Bergan and they offfered me the awesome opportunity of reviewing their pet travel harness. It has taken me quite a while to write my review due to some issues, none related to the harness.

First of, and the most important thing, when buying a harness for your pet make sure it is the right size for him. This will ensure it fits correctly and that your pet won’t be able to escape.

When putting the harness on your pet make sure it is tight on the chest. Here are some directions of how to install it properly:




We gave the harness a try quite a few times. At the beginning I did not tightened the harness too well causing Scratch to be able to get free while he waited in the car for us. We really do not take him with us a lot, but when we do he either has to be attached to a hook on my mother in law’s Lexus SUV’s trunk or on the floor (I think he gets motion sickness in the car). And if we were to take Scratch on a road trip he would be quite uncomfortable sitting in the trunk with the luggage and strollers.

He is really good at staying put but he has tried a couple of times to go sit by my feet while the car is moving which he gets in trouble for.

We now use the harness for walking Scratch and it works perfectly. It unfortunately doesn’t work for the car we have (aka my mother in law’s car). The Lexus doesn’t have a third hook on the back seat. And with two car seats hooked Scratch has to stay in the trunk.

The harness comes with a tether that can only be hooked on certain spots and is nothing like a car seat’s tether which tends to be flat. This is something I wish they would fix as it doesn’t work with our car. Or maybe they could offer both options and have people decide which works better for them.

All in all I do recommend it as it protects both your pet and your family while on the road. It all depends on where you have a spare hook in your car!


Check out Bergan’s website to find the retailers that sell the V9DT




Disclosure: I received the V9DT travel harness for review purposes only. No other compensation was received. The opinions stated are my own and where in no way influenced by Bergan.
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