Friday-Night Date

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Ty & I went on a date last night!! It’s been a while since we’ve gone out, last time we did was when when went to Bellingham a couple of months ago.

So, Ty got home and took the kids to Grandma’s house, she even invited Scratch to stay over so that I would be able to sleep in…I can’t sleep past 7 cause Scratch whines to get out of his crate and out to go pee and chase squirrels!

Kids were dropped off and Ty came back to pick me up. We went to Lake Oswego and had dinner at Zeppos, an Italian restaurant. It has gone better I tell you…our table was wobbly and we feared the stool were gonna give under us, sending us onto another table, which, thankfully, did not happen!

Ty’s dinner was bland and mine was salty! We could both hear those wise words from Mr Ramsey, ‘TASTE. YOUR. FOOD!” But gotta bleep the bad words…sorry!

After dinner we went to watch The Social Network. Wow. Besides being a bit boring, Mark Z something something berger is such an (cover your ears!!) ass (don’t say I did not warn you!)!! He is such a douche bag that if I was to ever cross paths with him I could seriously punch him on the face.

Movie was over and we headed home to learn that ty’s computer was gone for good. Dead. Kaput. SH*T! Now we only have one lousy desktop which has seen better days and two people who make use of a computer daily…we need computers here!

Hopefully he’ll get a computer today. I really don’t want him stressing out over this relic of a computer. He builds websites and he needs a fast computer. And I need a computer to blog, you know.

At around midnight Grandma calls and I could hear J crying…so Ty went back to Grandma’s house and picked him up. they got home around 1.

Boy nursed and then decided it was time to play. At one in the morning! Ty can sleep through a concert, seriously. I can’t. So I layed J down again and, to my surprise, he stayed down. I could still hear him playing though and mumbling to himself. Gosh he is just that adorable, even at 1 in the morning…

J woke me up at 5 and went to sleep for like 40 minutes until he was up for good…so I did not get to sleep last night.

Right now I have an owl perched on my head…OUCH! And I’ll call him Ty and he shall be mine!