It’s finally Friday!!

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And i am feeling so sick. And I forgot what I was going to blog about today…oh! Alexander has a new tooth coming out!! So that will make it 3 teeth coming out at the same time! Ouch!
Oh, and now I remember!! Little Monster, who I should start calling juts plain ‘Monster’, broke a plate! Took it out of the dishwasher and it was so heavy that it fell on the ground and broke. He got in trouble…and was not allowed in the kitchen again which made him really upset. (He is fine, he did not get any cuts from the broken plate).
Right now Monster is playing with one of my necklaces and his wipes (just the bag, which is closed) while watching Tom and Jerry (only when there is a loud noise that will catch his attention).
OH BOY! I am soooooo tired! I would love to go take a nap but boy is still awake and we have to go sign some papers at the bank today…argh.

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  • Anonymous
    March 28, 2009

    hey pon fotooossssssss andale y esta vex de te deberias de tomar fotos de cada semana o mes del embarazo.. y como dice mi ama que sean cuates hahahaa!!!