Pen Pals

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You know when you are little and, in order to work on your handwriting, the teacher would ask you to write a letter to another classmate? I loved doing that! Even when you were writing to the annoying boy in the class…but it was fun.

In middle school I wrote to Sharon for a while. I then visited her for 2 weeks and went to school with her and it was so much fun! (I went on an exchange student program). She moved to Atlanta after that year, and the year after that she passed away…RIP

Since, I haven;t had anybody to write to. I miss it. I like the anticipation of waiting. Going to check the mail to see if your letter is there.

I would love to find a pen pal I can write to. I just don’t know where to look.

Do you want to be my pen pal?! If so, you could email me!!


Hehehe, I feel like such a little girl right now…Hehehehehe

  • frompdxwithlove
    October 6, 2010

    [New Post] Pen Pals – via #twitoaster

  • marifer
    October 6, 2010

    jaja sofiia jajaja no manches, no sabia que teniiias un blog, entre porke lo vi en facebook, esta spr chidooo! yo teniia un blog hace mil años jajaja pero nadie comentaba y desistí 🙁 pero tu lo tienes super en forma, super padre! bueno te felicito jajaja, si quieres puedo ser tu pen pal jajaja aunque tardariia mil años en llegar la carta jajaja! bueno te mando un saludooo.

    p.d. soy marifer… fernandez jaja por si no habiias ubicado

  • Danielle
    October 6, 2010

    Hey! I clicked over from Bloggy Moms.

    I so miss the days of getting mail, getting to know someone! The art of writing has died, leaving texting and the foreign language that it can be.

    I will be your pen pal!