House photos

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Sitting area. With Alexander looking out the window. He loves watching those cars pass by.

Looking into Alexander’s bedroom form the door. His room is huuuuuge!

Better photo of the Monster’s crib. I want to add some wooden letters spelling his name on the wall behind the crib. Must go to Michale’s.

Overall look of the loft/office area. That door leads to our bedroom…

And like any good wife will do, I rearranged Tyler;s office mantel!! hehehe Hey! It looks better!! Or that’s what I think! hope he doesn’t mind!! (I don’t think those black bowls in the middle are staying though…I am thinking of adding more photos).

There is something missing here. I still haven’t found what to put in the center of the table. Any ideas??

The sink, part of the mirror, a phone (just in case you run out of TP and you need someone to bring it to you -it has an intercom system where you can call another phont in the house).

Bathroom counter and the other part of the sink and mirror. (this is my side)

Closet. And as you can see…Tyler has waaaaay more clothes than I do. Sheesh I NEED to go shopping!!
Nothing special here. Part of the laundry room

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