The scare of my life

By Saturday, October 9, 2010 3 Permalink 0

After much contemplation Ty has started the transformation of the garage into an office…meaning I already took over the office! Hehehe…

The garage was a much trafficked area for most part of the day.

Close to 5 Ty realized the keys were missing. Freak out! (Le freak, c’est chic, freak out…sorry, that’s how my mind works…mini break). We looked everywhere. Upstairs. Downstairs. Garage. Kitchen. Laundry. Toy bin. Garage. Trash cans. Nothing.

We asked A. several times if he knew where they were since he was the last one to see them. This boy can be such a smarty pants! He knew exactly were they were! He threw the keys down a pipe (if you wanna call it so) on Ty’s bench! He took the flash light and acted like ‘Oh, look what I found!”

We walked back in. Gave the boys a cracker as a snack. J started coughing. I knew something was not right. Part of me said get that thing out but I had trash hands and I didn’t want to get all the germs in his mouth, and part of me said screw it! I yelled for Ty and he got a tiny piece of cracker out.

A minute later and he started gaging…still no clean hands. I yelled for Ty once again…I patted J’s back trying to help him out somehow until he threw up and this little piece of plastic post-it was on the floor.

My boy was chocking! He did not turn blue or purple. nothing. he just gaged and drooled like crazy.

And then he took his cracker back and took off like nothing happened.