Common Sense

By Sunday, October 10, 2010 2 , Permalink 0

It is amazing how common sense feels like a luxury nowadays. Everywhere we go we keep hearing how people are getting heavier by the minute. How the US is the most obese country in the world. People trying to sue KFC for their double chicken sandwich or trying to ban Happy Meal toys.

Huh? Seriously people?

Lets blame others because it is that much easier!!

It is not KFC what’s making people fat. It is not the toys in the Happy Meal making kids fat. People are getting fat because of them selves! Kids, well, blame their parents.

KFC or McDonald’s aren’t shoving their fatty, greasy, unhealthy food down your throats, now are they? If you know they are so unhealthy, why eat them and then point fingers at others!!

People have to learn to take charge of their actions. Parents should learn to use the word NO. It won’t hurt your kid, believe me. Kids need boundries. What are you going to do when they go out on the real word and they are told NO.

Nobody is entitled to anything. You want something, work, fight for it. Stop blaming what you do on others!