Found some spare time

By Thursday, May 28, 2009 0 Permalink 0

…and a free computer! Photo time:

Cousin Kolby, uncle Jon & Alexander at the city Park….not so much enjoying the really cold fountain!

Hmm…those swimming trunks are size 4T…his other pair were wet from the day before….oops!

He stole Wendi’s phone and started ‘talking’. I think is sooo cute that he now knows what phones are for!!

This was his first time in a pool. At first he was a little bit scared and wouldn’t let daddy let go of him. Then, we found that green thing he is in and finally enjoyed it! He even lounged back and crossed his feet 😉

Hehe…blowing bubbles!

He loved playing with the bubbles!!

I’ll post the birthday and birthday party photos later. I am too tired and in desperate need of some rest. Can’t stand my back.

Good night to you all!

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