Things that happen…

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…while on hiatus (sorta)…

  • If big brothers were to name theire younger brother their name would be ‘Cosmo’ and not ‘Anthony’
  • Mommy craves peanuts and chocolate…specially chocolate covered with chocolate and more chocolate
  • Tyler’s ankle got much better
  • Alexander learned to drink from a straw (sorry, no pictures….we were in Ross)
  • Boy is wearing stage 5 diapers now. He is sooooo big
  • I finished the new layout….still some bugs to fix
  • It is starting to get hot again. And yet it could only be me (so not looking for the 4th of July…HOT)
  • Still behind on the laundry
  • Went to my Doctor’s appointment. Due date is November 12th (so silly, Alexander’s was May 12th! Hopefully ‘Little Byrd’ -new nickname- will come early)
  • Got some blood tests done (got almost drained…that was a loooot of blood!!)
  • Still can’t come up with a name
  • Decided that we will one day name a dog Cosmo 😉
  • Switched hospitals for Little byrd’s birth to Legacy Good Samaritan (which just happens to be close to 23rd Street…which means close to Yuki Sushi!!)
  • First meal after Little Byrd is born will be SUSHIIIIIIIII!! Oh so convenient!!
  • I want coffee…want some?

Oh, and CONGRATULATIONS to Juli and her fiance on their Engagement!! We are so happy for you guys!! <33

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