Oh dear washer and dryer,

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I’ve been sitting on my bed staring at the clean clothes in the basket for the past half hour.  I know I have to fold them and put them away eventualy but I just can’t seem to make my fingers move to grab a single garment.

I must say that to me my washer and dryer are the most important appliances in my house. My stove comes in a close second. As I stare at my clothes I can’t help but wonder how people used to wash their clothes before!! Rivers and stones and clothes lines. What did the people used to do with their laundry here in Portland !! I bet they washed their clothes while it rained and dried them on top of the fireplace. Wild guess.

I really can’t see myself without my washer and dryer. Happened once, for like a week or so and it was living hell! OK, maybe not but it was, indeed, awful!

I stare at them again. Why can’t they just fold themselves?

No matter what I just can’t seem to take care of my laundry the same day I do it.

Does the fact that I have an old pair of washer and dryer makes me not want to stay in my laundry room for too long?

Maybe if only I had a washer and dryer like this…

…which doesn’t have to be necessarily red…

…turquoise works fine for me too…

…just make sure to put them in a nice laundry room like either one of these…

…maybe then I could get myself to taking care of my laundry.

Or maybe, just maybe, all I need is for a washer/dryer combo that also folds and stores my laundry! Has my local Sears showroom invented one of those yet? 🙂

Disclosure: I was not compensated in anyway by Sears in order to write this article. However, Sears offered me a $75 online gift card to give away to my readers (giveaway to come).