Open letter to the medicine industry,

By Wednesday, October 20, 2010 6 , Permalink 0

As a mother of two boys, both under the age of 3, I am truly concerned about my children’s safety. I understand that all precautions have been taken by your industry to protect the little people. But, would it be possible to improve the so called ‘child proof’ lid on your bottles?

I have heard of many grown ups not being able to open your medicine bottles. But my two year old surely can! Just a few hours ago he walked up to me, proudly, with a bowl in hand full of his Gummy-Vites. Yes, my son got his vitamins out of the child-proof bottle, closed it and put it back.

This hasn’t been the first time this has happened either. He has already opened my pre-natal vitamins and some Tylenol. And before I get sliced open, cut into pieces and thrown to the alligators by some people out there, let me tell you that my son is way too smart for his own good. Sir grabbed a chair, climbed up onto the counter and grabbed the Tylenol bottle which was on the window sill. As child proof as a house can be, it is quite impossible to hang the medicine bottles from a 9 ft ceiling. Believe me, I’ve tried to no avail.

So, as a mother, I ask the medicine industry to please improve their lids. Why not upgrade them so that we have to input a PIN number in order to gain access to the pills or make it like a combination lock. That way our kids will be truly safe from overdosing or from a good time out session from throwing the pills at the neighbors yard.

I hope my thoughts are heard and that something can be done.


Sofia B.