4th of July weekend

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It was such a long and HOT weekend!! Hotter than last year. It would be awesome if we could all rent a boat for next year’s 4th of July weekend, specially with 2 new babies (they we’ll be 7 and 5 months old by then!).

We got there around noon. Alexander fell asleep on our way there in his red wagon. It was so hot that he woke up. Kolby, Chelsey & Jon where there already.

We did not stay too long. Kolby got all red ’cause he was sooooo hot. Alexander started crying until we undressed him, spilled some cold water all over him and made sure he was always under the shade. Chelsey and I with our own personal heaters plus the sun, not a good match.

We went back to the hotel, dropped our stuff and went for lunch. Boys then went for a smoke, girls went shopping. And went back to the park around 9.30 for the fireworks show. Kolby got so scared of the fireworks, his daddy held him tight until he feel asleep. Alexander did good, until he wanted to go to mommy and fell asleep in my arms 🙂

Now, some photos:

This is Alexander’s version of a hi5! Cute cute….

I even got my own personal umbrella holder!! Hehehe, thanks babe, Love you!

Can you believe the boys are 10 months apart? They are almost the same height!
The 3.5 of us!

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