100+ weather takes its first victim

By Tuesday, July 28, 2009 0 Permalink 0

At 9:18am the 100+ weather in Oregon took its first victim.

The body was found sprawled across the floor of the kitchen and living room fast asleep w/ blanket still tightly clutched in one hand.

It is difficult to say exactly what happened, suddenly the house went quite, upon a search of the premise the baby was found face down sprawled across several books w/ only a slight snore giving sign of life.

Based on the position of the body and additional crime scene evidence it is believed that a sudden onslaught of sleepiness took place.

It appears the remote control and straw he had been previously seen with, where left at the scene. Investigators believe that this is a definitive sign no foul play had occurred.

TOS (time of sleep) was estimated to be 9:18 am based on the snoring and interviews of potential witnessess.

It is soooooooo HOTT with double t to make emphasis on the hotness! After further review this is believed to be the COS (Cause of Sleep).

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