A day @ the Beach

By Monday, August 24, 2009 0 , , Permalink 0

So during that really hot weather week when my hard drive died, we decided to go to Cannon Beach. Of course it was cold and windy!! But oh did we have fun!! Here some pictures of what went down:

We flew kites. Or at least, we tried to do so.

We dug wholes in the sand.

We helped daddy fill the river around the castle with sand.
Oh, and made a castle with daddy!

Got burried in the sand and tried to dug ourselves out of it!

Tried a spoonful of sand…

And we did not like it. At all!

We napped.

We looked handsomely at the horizon.

The view.

We posed with mommy.

It was a really nice day. We had lots of fun. Hopefully we can go back some day…Probably that will be after the baby comes…and when it get warmer.

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