Diamond Earrings {Review}

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I’ve always been a great fan of jewelry. I have never had that many but every piece I do own I sincerely love. Before my boys were born I would wear earring all the time. My favorite were either hoops or chandelier earrings. But then comes the baby…baby starts being more aware of the world and his surroundings. Baby discovers mommy’s earrings! And off they went to a jewelry box, stored somewhere in the closet.

Well, just the other day I got the opportunity of reviewing a beautiful pair of stud diamond earrings! You know how ears can get irritated with the wrong earring material? Well, mine are particularly special. So special that I could only wear gold earrings with out my ear lobes hurting! not even plastic or silver. No, gold!

I decided to still give my pretty earring a try. The first day I had a bit of a scab, eww I know, around the earring. Day two, less. One week later, and an earring down (which is on my night stand but I keep forgetting to put it on, yeah I sleep with them on, and it fell off…), my ear lobes are perfect! No itchiness, redness, or scabbiness…is that even a word?

Aren’t they pretty?

OK, so they are not real diamonds. But I must tell you that they are shinny and oh so pretty, hehehe! Even Ty and my mother in law were surprised at how shinny and pretty they are.

Alright, here is how you can get your own pair…they are actually FREE!! You just have to pay $3.77 for shipping and handling…what better gift for Christmas! A perfect stocking stuffer for the girl in your life (or mother, sister, daughter, etc.).

They are also giving them for review you simply have to contact them! They are busy bees, so give it some time for a reply.

Disclosure: I received a pair of stud diamond earrings for review purposes only. No other compensation was received. The opinions stated are my own and were in no way influenced by DiamondEarrings.org

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