The things you learn

By Friday, October 29, 2010 2 , Permalink 0

Scratch has some separation anxiety issues. If he is not attached to me 24/7 he freaks out! Lately he has been getting much better with letting me know when he wants to go potty, which is a great thing. The problem? He wants me to take him when I can not take him. I am not leaving the house to walk him and leave the boys in charge of the house, alone. So I take him to the front yard and all he does, no matter how bad he has to go, is stare at the darn cars! This made me realize that I get angry easily later. It might be the lack of sleep or stress…I dunno, but I seriously wanted to send him on time out. I got mad at him and he fell bad and decided to become my hairy shadow. Next thing i know I have his nose up my nose while I am trying to play with J on the floor…

That puppy drives me crazy. But I love him anyways…grrrr