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I am pretty sure that so far A’s favorite holiday is Halloween. Halloween = candy = happy boy {!}

Last year we did not go trick-or-treating since a was only a year old (and I was too big -pregnant- to even want to walk around the neighborhood). So this was the first year he went out trick-or-treating! And he loved it!!

We dressed J up as Superman! Eating his super Milky-way!

He was my chubby Superman (He had the costume over his clothes and jacket) but he looked so cute!! J joined us on our first trip (no one was at their houses so we decided to wait a bit to go for a second try).

A dressed up as a Fireman!

This boy had so much fun! All week I tried to explain what to expect from Halloween, so every time a scary monster or something would come up on Disney Channel I’d ask him to yell ‘Boo’ at what scares him. He got that part…I forgot to work on our trick-or-treating skills! So before we took off on our first trip J, A and Ty trick-ore-treated Grandma like 5 times! He’s knock on the door and say ‘Trick’ and show Grandma his ‘punkin’. He’d then say Thank you and blow her a kiss!!

Every house we visited he had to talk about the decorations or his pumpkin or his candy, anything. Once it was time to leave he’d say thank you and blow kisses (to the girls only)!! It was so adorable!

On our way back home he was so tired he’d tell people ‘ ‘Nough. I want to go home” That little guy crashed as soon as we walked into Grandma’s house! He had a diaper change and Ty changed him into his jammies and he did not wake up!!

And do you see the size of that pumpkin? Well, A filled it up with candy! :0 I am surprised and so proud of him!! And then it hit me….next year there will be TWO pumpkins full of candy! Yikes…it’s a good thing I love chocolate, right!?

How was your Halloween?