BACK! By popular demand…

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Ok, not really. But I’m BACK!
A lot has happened since I last wrote.

  • Alexander has tons of super cute curls! Blond as can be.
  • Jacob is huge!! Almost 4 months old! His hair is longer than Alexander’s.
  • My computer caught a virus. Had to restore…again. Computers and I just don’t get along at all! I wonder if this relationship will ever work.
  • Right now my boys are sleeping…all 3 of ’em.
  • I finally cleaned the stove!! I feel good. It was so greasy and yucky! But baking soda made the trick! Clean, clean…
  • Also worked on the laundry…I hate doing laundry. The folding and putting away part of it anyways. ANNOYING!
  • What else?
  • Lorena got a job in PDX!! She’s currently living with us…
  • It’s sunny outside.
  • I will post new photos as soon as they are done downloading to my computer…103 minutes to go! Now imagine how many pictures that is! I tend to go picture crazy. Ask Alexander… 😉
  • Went to the zoo with Grandma Rowe! It was fun…
  • Alexander does not like touching goats…too scary? yucky? or is it yuckie?
  • Discovered that Tyler doesn’t like going to the zoo. Got traded for the Canada-USA Hockey game for gold…
  • I still want to go back to Vancouver!
  • Erm…time out…brb


  • We have a little squirrel pal that comes to our backyard whenever it is sunny. We’ve left peanuts and we never see who is taking them at night! Squirrel, raccoon, opossum? Who knows.
  • Stupid question: what’s an opossum?
  • 67 minutes to go.
  • After going MIA I now need to change the layout of the blog. No surprise here! hehehe
  • Hoping I can have my sister over during summer…which scares Ty to death. Crazy me goes wild. Sort of. But I haven’t seen Julia in quite a while…so it should be fun. Lululu!
  • I still have trouble figuring out what to make for dinner every night. I am pizza-ed out. No more pizza for a while please!
  • Tyler is against the use of Creamer…I am against using milk in my coffee.
  • Went back to 94 minutes. Oh Boy!
  • Canceled….I have the photos on an external drive. Oh well.

Ok. I’ll be back, with some photos…see ya!

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