All about me in 30 days {Day 3}

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{Day 3} Your favorite television program

I already talked about my favorite shows some time ago {here}. So if you read that post you may know by now that my favorite show of the moment is GLEE!

I like it because well I love music and I have always liked musicals (never been to the theater to actually watch one live, but I will, someday, anybody wants to tag along?) In all honesty I liked the 1st season’s first 13 episodes (before the back 9). The show actually had a story line and had way less principal characters. Now on season 2 you get excited when your favorite character has a line! Terri is gone, Tina barely talks, Santana is blah, Brittany is funny. But there’s one too many characters!

Favorite Characters

  • Rachel: She is true to herself and knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. And this is refreshing from all other TV leader characters. Plus Lea Michele has an amazing voice! I wish i could sing like that…OK, I wish I could sing, period.
  • Quinn: your typical bitchy cheerleader, yeah. But Dianna does a great job playing her. And her scene of Quinn giving birth was awesome! Specially this part: I will keep looking for the gif of this scene, I know I’ve seen it somewhere but I can’t find it….darn it!

  • Kurt: he is simply awesome. Chris Colfer has an amazing voice with super range. And his character is fresh and he gets the best lines. I dunno, I love Kurt. My favorite song by him is:

Favorite Scene:

It’s gotta be the Football team dancing to ‘Single Ladies’ right before a play…it was awesome!!

One of these days I will have to make a post about my top 10 Glee songs….yeah 😉

  • DaenelT
    November 11, 2010

    Love Glee too. And I love it for the exact reasons that you mentioned. Omg, Brittany has turned out to be hilarious. But other than that, this season has been meh at best. I wish they would go back to the storylines and stop focusing on all of these guest celebs. The show was fun because it was a group of unknowns who were mashing songs that we all knew and loved.

  • frompdxwithlove
    November 11, 2010

    [New Post] All about me in 30 days {Day 3} – via #twitoaster

  • Glamamom
    November 11, 2010

    Oh, me too! LOVE Glee. Especially Sue. The writers are amazing…