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ADORABLE!! I love his little smile…sweet as can be.

I really like this picture…simply shot away…he’s been really seriously for the last couple of days since he’s a little bit sick. I think it is a little cold.

He is such a goofball and has such an amazing sense of humor! He is really ticklish too and loves, LOOOOOOOOOVES letters!! Give him a book or a magazine and he will be happy as can be…

I love the way he stares at Alexander. He adores his big brother and he is not even 5 months old! He has always looked at him this way. Though Alexander has been tormenting him lately which freaks Jacob out.

Mr Jaco’ recently awaken…sleepy. So cute!! And there is Alexander trying to jump on the bed in order to be able to jump on his brother…and probably torment him….I must say though, these boys love each other tons! And that makes mommy really happy.

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