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Potty Business! OMG I am so excited!!

We were in the living room watching Deadliest Catch when Alexander decided to get undressed. He was having some trouble taking his shirt off so I gave him a hand (I unbuttoned it). He then started pulling at his pants. And I asked what was wrong, and if he needed to go potty…to which he answers ‘Potty?’ We took his pants and diaper off and he runs to the bathroom (downstairs) and opens his potty. I went to look for the little basket that goes in it and when I come back…there was pee all around the potty!! HE DID IT!! All by himself! He was so proud of him self! And so are mommy and daddy!! Right now he is taking his potty around the house…randomly opening it and sitting on it saying ‘potty’…

So this is a picture of his potty….looks like a truck…so that’s why he takes it around the house…

He won’t let me put a diaper on! Not so good…I really don’t want to clean the carpet!

I guess we will be buying boy’s underwear pretty soon!!

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