While the boys sleep

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It’s becoming common for both the boys to sleep at the same time. Yet, it does not always happen. It’s odd if I may say so. ‘Cause then I have nothing to do! So I decided to stop by!

Last night I chopped my finger while cutting potatoes for potato soup, also known in the Byrd household as Bacon Soup, since the bacon ratio overpowers the potato ration. Good stuff though.

I have photos of my finger from last night and early this morning…I am restraining myself and won’t post them since I know my dad will get quizzy. So, if you wanna see, lemme know! Comments are very much welcome!

So it was my left pinky. My finger can say “Top o the morning” while tilting the top as if it were a hat. Hehehe.

It is definitely looking way better. It’s not swollen anymore. And I could keep talking about it but it can get a little bit gruesome. So….

We are thinking on getting the boys a bunk bed. Of course, Jake is still too little to sleep on such a big bed. Alexander will move onto a twin bed and Jake will take over the crib. We are also switching rooms with the boy. Ours is darker and warmer, which he might not like once it is summer (hopefully it won’t be as hot as last summer). Jake will stay in our room until he can sleep through the night.

Anyone knows of a good bunk bed that turns into twin beds?

If found one with steps on the side:

But it doesn’t convert into two beds…though I really like the extra storage which is always more than welcome.

I also like this one:

But with drawers instead of the trundle (mattress underneath). This one does convert into twin beds…

Jake’s up. Gotta go!

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