Fort Builders

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Daddy built a fort (that is no more) for the boys! I remember building a fort with my brother and younger sister…and oh boy did I get in trouble that one time! Why? Well…we used an old metal iron to hold the sheets and well…it landed on my brother’s head leaving a scar…oops!

Alexander brought all his cars in. After like 20 minutes of play he decided to tear the fort apart for the mere fun of seeing the sheets move…oh boy. I asked him to stop it and of course he did not care, so there is no fort!

Even Jake got to join in the fun! He then decided to pull on the sheet and a stool landed on Alexander’s foot, so, just to keep everyone safe, he is playing now outside the fort…which is no more.

Al right. Lets go fix it again. Hope it lasts longer this time!

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