May begins

By Sunday, May 2, 2010 0 , , Permalink 0

This will be such a busy weekend/week! Lorena moved to her house yesterday! She is so excited! And I still have to see the house! Grrr…but oh, well…there’ll be plenty of time for that…

We are also going shopping! And by ‘we’ I mean, Lorena, Ashley et moi!! FINALLY!! Some well deserved shopping spree. All this not fitting into my pants (darn you hips that won’t shrink again) and holey shirts has been killing me…though skirt time is fast approaching! Heck-to-the-yeah!

Aaaaaaaaaalso….Ty is right now shopping for Alexander’s new big boy bed!! He is getting a car…oh, he is going to love his bed! Alexander is a true boy: give him cars and a fort and he will be the happiest! We also switched rooms. There’s still a lot to do…busy week ahead for mommy!

And now some well overdue photos of my boys!

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