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So, you might remember the fort, right? Well…this is what it looked like at the end! He is simply hilarious!
He has always been such a lounger! Since day one he made lounging look good…Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, he is eating a hot dog bun he stole from the kitchen!
As I walked by Ty I pulled his arm backwards to stretch it…Alexander saw me doing it and here is his try! Oh I love this boy so much!
Extremely silly. Almost naked (which he loves! “Nekid, nekid”) and talking while sitting on the back of the couch which he is not supposed to be doing (even mommy gets in trouble for doing so)! Oh the curls!
I am currently being stared at by little Jake who was sleeping on the couch!! 
I love this outfit. We got him the short a year ago! And they still won’t fit correctly! Too big. And that shirt is daddy’s fave of the boy. Perfect duo!
Daddy got 4 more grape vines and the tree all the way on the back on the photo….and of course Alexander had to help! Such a little helper this boy!

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