Show off your house

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Mommy Madness Friday Blog Hop!

Our theme of the week is

Show Off Your House.

I am usually excited about this meme…but today, well…not so much. And it has nothing to do with the meme itself but with my own house. You see…if you were ever to visit my house you’d think it is a rent and that we are either moving in or about to move out. There is a lack of personality and furniture…and decorations.

Every time I propose something Ty would say no. I love you tons hun, but it drives me crazy! It’s not because he doesn’t want to spend the money or something like that. It falls more on our different tastes on decoration. Ty wants the more contemporary minimalistic stuff. I love eclectic decor! If only you knew how long it too me to convince Ty to buy striped throw pillows you’d understand. I mean, I was not suggesting hot pink damask pillows, stripes!

Ty’s idea of decor falls on the black, gray, red, yellow color scheme. I do not look good in yellow. Red is OK. But now red is every where I look!

Ty is more of warm colors {red, orange, yellow}, while I am more into cool colors {purple, blue, green}.

I wanted to paint horizontal lines on the wall down the hall, you know, to add a bit of personality. All I got was a “you want to make it look longer?!” So that idea was out.

I am still painting my lines somewhere, I just haven’t decided where…Our entire house makes me feel like I am living inside a cardboard box: walls, carpet, ceiling all the same color {cardboard}!

I like mixing old with new, used with un-used (don’t want to sound redundant). I need color! I suggested painting our barstools whose paint is chipping off and I was given an odd look.

I think the problem is that Ty can’t picture how a room would look like so he goes down the easy path: couch, table, lamp, Playstation3 , TV, done! I have been into decorating most of my life and I can actually picture in my mind what I want a room to look like!


I love this vanity!! {JustBella}
This is more me than:

This is an old photo. Now the mirror is hanging horizontally on the wall and on its place is a playpen which we will be giving to some friends next weekend leaving the sound system box thingy in its place.

I guess someday I will have a house I will be proud of showing off…