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I was working on posting more photos but this time of my Jacob. Buuuuuut got sidetracked! So here they are:


This boy loooooves standing up. I mean, to the point that if he is ever cranky just put him on his feet and this is what you’ll see: happy faces!! I bet he wants to start running after his brother all over the house!
And can’t forget to rest when you get tired!
He is such a happy boy!! See what I mean by LOOOOOOOOOVES TO STAND UP?!
It makes him feel like a big boy…and he is so happy and so proud of himself! He has already walked a few steps (while holding on to the couch)…but he somehow forgets to move both of his feet…so they crash and he gets stuck…
So, big brother has a sippy cup, Jake needed a sippy cup…that or he would gnaw on Alexander’s cup! Which drives Alexander crazy…
He got that onesie from Chrissy (thanks!!). He loves biting his finger. Still no sight if teeth! Will tell…promise.
He’s been having trouble sleeping during the day. He takes cat naps! 
So last Thursday I sat him down with daddy for a minute and I came back and he was asleep!! On daddy’s but! And of course I had to take a photo! CUTE!
Look at that smile!! He is such a happy both. Both my boys are happy boys and that makes me feel good!

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