Well lived in barstools

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My poor barstools are in serious need of some TLC! Like urgently. Poor things are all scratched, about to come apart, covered in syrup, ketchup and who know what else. I do clean them, like 5 times a day!

I’ve been wanting to sand them down and paint them some crazy color to add a bit of life to my kitchen! As you might remember I live in a cardboard colored house, even the kitchen, so I thought adding some red or white or even blue might look good. I still have to find a picture of it online to show my husband what it looks like!

I picture a barstool painted in red with a white stencil. Something unique that shows more personality.

It doesn’t necessarily have to have a stencil. What about a pattern? Something funky…or what about something like this:

I just found this photo and I love it!! My stools have no back but I could always put the numbers right on the edge of the saddle seat. Or simple stripes.

For the moment i will have to settle with what we have.

Hmm…what about painting them orange? Or maybe just paint each barstool a separate color!

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