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Alexander is 2 now!

He got a rug with a city and street on it and 10 new cars and a hot wheels track! He loved his presents!! He first separated his new cars from the old ones, the ones from Easter! So hilarious! No mixing cars please!!

He is now playing with all of them, together. And his favorite is the Bus. He loves the green bus! 

Oh, he also got two shirts. One is a Mickey Mouse shirt which he is wearing right now. And Mark, a friend of ours, gave him a little puppet monster which he did not like so much at first (but Jake loved right away). He likes it now since mommy played with it, pretending to eat cars and saying ‘aaaahhhhhhhhhhh’…and disliking to eat pigs and puking them out! Hehehe…I had them both laughing!!

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