Cheese Monster

By Friday, May 28, 2010 0 Permalink 0

I can’t remember how many time I tried and tried to have Alexander try cheese. He just wouldn’t try. Until one day he decided he was going to see what it was all about. I made him a grilled cheese sandwich and he loved it! And he’s been hooked ever since. Now he munches on American Cheese slices and takes huge bites of the cheddar cheese block when he is supposed to be shredding it*.

Mr Alexander taking a bite off the cheese….
HUGE bite! He had that big chunk in his mouth for more than 5 minutes! Took him a while to chew it down! Simply adorable if I must say so 😉

* I do not make him shred the cheese. I get in trouble if I do not let him shred the cheese. He loves to help, and having an extra pair of hands is more than welcome! Who’s gonna complain, huh?

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